The Lyre and the Lambs: Book Giveaway

The sequel to "The Sheep Walker's Daughter," The Lyre and the Lambs" explores the passsions that draw people together and the faith it takes to overcome trauma.

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Title: The Lyre and The Lambs
Author: Sydney Avey
Illustrations: HopeSprings Books
Publisher:  HopeSprings Books
ISBN:  9781938708312


Dee and her husband Roger live with her daughter Valerie and her husband Andy in their new home. Valerie had the house built after their previous home burned. The new home is a modern looking glass house. Father Mike asks the family if his teen group could hold meetings there. It isn’t long before neighbors start to notice all of the activity and it only gets worse as more family members move in.

As the tension builds inside and outside of the glass house Dee is forced to examine her traditional thought process. When a body is discovered in the back yard of the glass house Dee’s world grows even more intense. Will this break the family and the neighborhood or will everyone come together through faith?

Author Sydney Avey weaves emotion throughout this story. Readers are invited to look in and out at their own lives regarding choices and judgement of others. As crisis hit we all have to dig deep and keep our faith. This is a great teen read. Parents and teachers can use this as a read-a-loud for added discussion.