Book Review of Fires of Invention

Cove is a place where machinery and technology are illegal. This is an amazing adventure readers won't want to miss.

Title: Mysteries of Cove: Fires of Invention
Author: J. Scott Savage
Publisher:  Shadow Mountain
ISBN:  9781629720920


Trenton Coleman lives inside of a mountain in a city called Cove. Cove was built to save its inhabitants from an atmosphere poisoned by war and technology. As a result, it is against the law to invent or be creative. Unfortunately for Trenton, his mechanical ingenuity gets him into trouble. His saving grace is that he gets to fix things around the city, which helps to keep him out of deep trouble. While working on a piece of equipment he stumbles across a machine part he’d never seen before. This begins Trenton’s adventure into the world of Leo Babbage, an infamous inventor believed to be insane and a criminal. Trenton meets his daughter Kallista. Things aren’t as they seem and Kallista feels as though her father has left her a message. Trenton and Kallista team up to find more clues to solve the mystery before them. The clues lead to the hidden secrets of Cove. Will their only worry be getting caught working with machinery or is the unraveling of the mystery going to be much worse?

Author J. Scott Savage has created a world of intrigue and mystery where readers can be engaged while solving clues along with the characters. This fast paced read can be enjoyed and discussed as a classroom read-a-loud. This is a great read for middle grade and young adult.