Children's Book Review of Let The Faithful Come

Author Zetta Elliott has created an excellent story that is filled with hope and family.

Title: Let The Faithful Come
Author: Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Charity Russell
Publisher:  Rosetta Press
ISBN:  9781516892495


Expressions of hope, faith, family, friendship, diversity and community are what readers will find within these pages. Beautifully illustrated images with shades of purple, blue, orange and yellow bring forth the emotion of the words and the personal meaning behind them. Planting the seeds of family is important. It’s possible each reader could see their story here.

Some images depict children being embraced by family or a community, because it can take a village to raise a child. Other images represent newcomers to a new land by sea and through sand. A shining beacon of light is a path to hope for those who want to start a new life in a new place.

Author Zetta Elliott and illustrator Charity Russell have combined their talents with a story of hope. Parents and teachers can use this tool to discuss family, faith and hope to young children. Caregivers can ask children questions about where they’ve come from or if they know what hope is or even what it means to be a part of a community. Simple sentence structure will make this book a great beginner read anytime.