Children's Book Reviews: Princess Rosie's Rainbows

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Title: Princess Rosie’s Rainbows
Author: Bette Killion
Illustrations: Kim Jacobs
Publisher:  Wisdom Tales Press
ISBN:  978-1-937786-44-1

Do you love rainbows? Princess Rosie did. She grew up loving books and music. Princess Rosie was a serious child except for when she saw a rainbow in the sky, which was the only time the King and Queen would see Rosie smile. They put up a notice that they would give a bag of gold to anyone who could bring the Princess a forever rainbow.

People came from near and far bringing their own special vision of a forever rainbow. Unfortunately, none of them made Princess Rosie smile. She was polite and looked at all of the fake rainbows. But for the Princess each thing did not have shimmering soft lights like her rainbow. The Royal Astronomer showed Princess Rosie how to make a rainbow with the sun and water but it wouldn’t work on a cloudy day.

Author Bette Killion and illustrator Kim Jacobs have created a wonderful fairytale that will teach young readers about happiness over material possessions. This delightful tale will open up dialogue regarding nature’s beauty and how precious it is and how we should cherish it. The stunning softly colored illustrations welcome readers to this world. The back of the book has a science lesson for young readers to try. Parents and teachers will love this story as a read-a-loud.