Book Review of The Case of the Cursed Dodo

The Endangered Files has strange characters and a mystery to be solved.

Title: The Case of the Cursed Dodo
Author: Jake G. Panda
Publisher:  Indie Published
ISBN:  9780990939115


Jake G. Panda is a savvy detective. He lives at the Last Resort hotel which is home to a lot of interesting and endangered animals. Jake has a cynical side but being a detective is what he does best. Jake gets a phone call from his good friend the Professor, a Lisped hare who lives at the hotel but is traveling in Morocco. When the phone call is abruptly interrupted Jake feels something is wrong and flies to find the Professor. Once the Professor is found they bring with them a tattered suitcase they find in the desert. Unfortunately for them, the suitcase is being sought after by others. Jake’s new found enemies include rats, salamanders and crocodiles to name few. With Jakes know how and the help of a few friends this mystery can be solved with a few twists and surprises.

This detective mystery is written in noir fashion. It’s script like read may be tough for younger readers. Readers who are fans of a good and humorous tale will more than likely enjoy the characters. The endangered animal aspect of the story is engaging and readers may find themselves doing a bit of research on their own. Parents and teachers may want to start a discussion about animals and our changing environment and how they can help.