Children's Book Review: Ping-Ping Panda's Bamboo Journey

A cool book about a panda!
Follow along and Ping-Ping Panda meets new friends.

Title: Ping-Ping Panda’s Bamboo Journey
Author:  Maurice Pledger
Illustrations:  Maurice Pledger
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN: 9781626863453


Ping-Ping Panda is hungry for some delicious tasting bamboo. And while he searches for a meal he meets a lot of friendly animals having meals of their own. Rusty Red Panda is eating berries, Katie Kingfisher is hunting for insects and Hannah Hummingbird was drinking nectar from a flower. With the help of all of his friends Ping-Ping will soon find a tasty meal.

Young readers will love this sturdy board book with its colorful illustrations that are bright and very realistic. On the cover readers can touch a fuzzy paw that belongs to Ping-Ping. Easy to read sentences are great for beginning readers. Parents will love this handy tool for reading anytime.

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