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Moving to a new town that has plenty of issues. But one young girl is determined to make friends and make this new town her home.

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Title: Prairie Pictures
Author: Shirlee Smith Matheson
Illustrations: iStock Photo
Publisher: Wandering Fox Books
ISBN:  9781772030112


Sherri and her family have moved again. This time to a small town called Gardin. Sherri learns that this small town has a lot of separated groups who don’t seem to like each other very much. There are the cattle ranchers, the meat packing plant workers and those that work on the oil rigs. The ranchers don’t seem to like all the different types of people who have come to their growing town where families are trying to have work and therefore a better life. As Sherri and her family try to establish themselves and fit in the trick is to make new friends and hope everyone can embrace their differences.

Author Shirlee Smith Matheson has created an interesting read for young teens that involves family and coming of age. This quick read will engage readers as they find themselves identifying with the characters.