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Title: History in the Faking
Author: Andreas Oertel
Publisher: Wandering Fox Books
ISBN:  9781772030082


Cody, Eric and Rachel live in Sultana. The town is slowly drying up, meaning there are no tourists and soon no work. They threesome want to be able to drive tourists to their dying community and the only way to do it is to have someone respectable, like Dr. Murray make a big discovery. The it, a bright idea, the three conjured up, is an ancient Egyptian tablet. The kids needed something that would draw the attention of people from all around.

Together, so as not to be seen as frauds, the kids began to research hieroglyphics. They have found a way to put a message on a clay tablet. They baked the tablet to give it a more authentic look and feel. With a quick run through the dishwasher and some sandblasting will work into their plan for now. The kids know the habits of Dr. Murray and his favorite fishing spot so the plan would be to bury the tablet just close enough and deep enough for it to be found by him. Next and anonymous call to the local paper prompted the police to check out the site and gradually more experts and curious visitors began to show up. Will the town be revived or will the kids and their families end up leaving to find a new life and work somewhere else?

Author Andreas Oertel has created a fun adventure for kids. Young readers will be engaged as the mystery unfolds. Parents and teachers will approve of this great read and this story can even be presented as a classroom read-a-loud.