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Do you kids know how to listen to their bodies? When their tummies growl it means they are hungry. When they have a headache they may feel a throbbing sensation at their temples. Teaching children to stop, breathe and listen is the start of mindfulness.

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Title: Mindfulness for Kids
Author: Tracy Bryan
Photography: Shutterstock
Publisher:  Tracy Bryan


Getting your kids to think about what their bodies are telling them could be a little tricky. But, if you ask just the right question it could be easier than you think.

Author Tracy Bryan has created a wonderful guide to help parents teach kids how to become mindful of their bodies. Adorable photos of a diverse group of children can be found throughout the pages. Questions such as “How does your body tell you it’s hungry?” Parents can engage children in conversations that will help them pinpoint a stomach growl or gurgle sound their tummies make when they are hungry.

Bryan suggest kids can stop, breathe and listen to their bodies. She refers to this as mindfulness. This guide is a great way to introduce children to their bodies, how to think about what their feeling in a clear and positive way. The back pages have a host of other resources that can introduce families to mindfulness.