Book Giveaway: Life and I A Story About Death

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How do you tell a child about death? This story helps children understand the concept of death.

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Title:  Life and I A Story About Death
Publisher:   Little Gestalten
ISBN:  9783899557718


What is death to you? Is it a person or a thing? What if death was a soft heartfelt being that had all of the answers to all of the questions you’ve ever had? What if death was loving and caring and would carry you to your final resting place?

Death lives with life in everyone. Death and life share everything that starts and stops. Death has a job to do and no one can hide. Death sees those that close a curtain or light a candle in the hopes that she will pass them by. Death visits all creatures and plant life too. One thing Death can’t do is take away love and memories.

In this soft spoken story death is represented as a girl in a soft blue hooded cape. She is caring and dedicated to make every transition as pleasant as possible. This guide introduces young readers to the idea of death. Pastel images help emphasize the gentle tone and message. Parents and caregivers can use this tool to educate young family members and help them better understand the concept of life and death.

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