Book Giveaway: Paws of Courage

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If you are dog lover then you will want to read these incredible stories of 
dogs being true heroes!

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Title:  Paw of Courage
Publisher:  Nancy Furstinger
ISBN:  9781426323775


When someone tells you that a dog is man’s best friend, they are absolutely telling the truth. National Geographic and Nancy Furstinger have put together photos and stories of very heroic dogs.

Opening pages introduces readers to Sergeant Stubby, a World War I hero that captured a German spy. Stubby was a Pit Bull Terrier mix. Judy, an English Painter was the first registered POW during World War II. Azza, a Belgian Malinois, was trained to sniff out explosives and warned his handler when one was near.

Dogs during World War I wore homemade gas masks and other gear. Today’s canine wear dog body armor costing up to $30,000. These doggie vests can transmit top-secret information. These doggies go on missions with U.S. Navy Seals and other elite forces.

If a dog shows focus, aggressiveness and an excellent sense of smell, he/she could become a military dog. Readers will find these stories heartwarming and enlightening. Parents and children can read together and learn so much about these very special animals who put their lives on the line for us. Fun facts and stunning photography will engage readers for years to come. Paws of Courage is bound to leave kids feeling warm and fuzzy.

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