Book Review Reboot: Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf

Tiger Tales Books Presents a lovable story with an adorable little wolf.

Title: Red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf
Author: Rachael Mortimer
Illustrator: Liz Pichon
Publisher: Tiger Tales an Imprint of ME Media, LLC
Ages: 3-7 yrs
ISBN: 9781589251175


Have you read the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Did you feel it might be just a tad too scary for your little ones? If so, then you will love this new twist on an old tale. You see, this story has a sweet little wolf who loved all things pretty and pink and fairy tales too. But there was one small problem, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf wanted their sweet little wolf to fetch them dinner. They gave her a list that included some vegetables and one little girl. When the sweet little wolf saw Little Red Riding Hood in the forest reading a fairy tale, she got a little sidetracked. The sweet little wolf followed Little Red Riding Hood into her granny's cottage. The sweet little wolf looked in the mirror and practiced her scariest face so she would be sure to scare the little girl. But, when she saw all of granny's wonderful clothes and toiletries, once again she became sidetracked. Will the sweet little wolf ever bring home supper? You'll have to read the story to find out.

Parents and children will adore this new twist on a favorite story. Clever and colorful illustrations depict these sweet characters masterfully. Young readers will learn about friendship and how to be true to themselves. Simple sentences make for a fun and easy read.

This book was donated to a child in need.

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