Book Review: Awesome 8

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Title:  Awesome 8
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781428323379


We all know that eight can be great. National Geographic Kids has accumulated a wonderful display of fantastic photography and interesting fun facts featuring only 8 per category.

There are 8 featured Fearless Foods. Would you be interested in eating a Korean dish which consists of live octopus? How about a Mexican dish which consists of ant larvae that’s shaped like an egg but has a consistency of cottage cheese? Fried tarantulas seasoned with salt and sugar is a favorite snack in Cambodia.

Also featured are 8 amazing robots. One can play the violin and another can help patients in and out of bed. If you’re into the wet and wild, 8 stomach flipping waterslides are featured here too. The Tsunami Surge in Georgia is the world’s first zero gravity water slide.

Readers of the Awesome 8 will enjoy categories such as fossils, castles, tree houses and so much more. There is plenty of amazing information for families to savor and share. Each page is filled with vivid imagery and short burst of fun facts. The back of the book is host to links so readers can keep the fun going. This guide is a must see and must have for any school or home library.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity