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The Watchmen of Port Fayt
Conrad Mason
BIBLIO: 2015, Scholastic Inc., Ages 12 to 18, $17.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN:  9780545833080

Porty Fayt is home to a plethora of interesting characters. Some are good and some are not so good. Here you will find Goblins, humans, fairies and even mermen. All roam the land and the sea. Joseph Grubb is half human and half goblin. He longs to do more than work for his uncle at the Legless Mermaid, a local bar for sailors. One night after a brawl involving Captain Clegg, a man Joseph admires and longs to sail with someday, he discovers a package wrapped in black velvet and sealed with a silver tie. Joseph suspects it belonged to Captain Clegg when a seedy character came asking for it. Joseph will make it his mission to return the package in the hopes Captain Clegg will allow him to join his crew. But, little did he realize exactly how difficult a task it would be. Something wicked is brewing and Joseph may have found his way right into the middle of it. 

Meanwhile, Captain Newton, the leader of a crew of Demon Watchers who watch over and protect Port Fayt, knows something is going to happen in the port. He tries to get permission from the governor but is told not to do any investigations. Some of his crew members Jeb the Snitch, Tabitha Manderville and a fairy named Slik are assigned tasks to get to the bottom of the mystery. When the watchmen meet up with Joseph they band together to save the port from the League of the Light, a secret group of bad people with their minds set on controlling the port. 

Author Conrad Mason has created a fantastic old fashioned adventure with swashbuckling heroes and bad guys. Young boys and girls will find loveable and brave characters with engaging scenery dropping them right into the story. This fast paced read is a delight and would be excellent as a read-a-loud in a classroom environment.