Book Review: Barnyard Bingo and Dora's Eggs

Tiger Tales Books Presents: Barnyard Bingo and Dora's Eggs!

Books and games together make learning and reading a great gift all in one package. This board game and book set, in a box with a handle for easy transport, will be an important teaching tool for any home or pre-school.

Title: Dora's Eggs
Title: Barnyard Bingo Storybook & Game Set
Author: Julie Sykes
Illustrator: Jane Chapman
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 2 to 7
ISBN: 9781589255142


Dora has laid her eggs. Her eggs were shiny, brown, smooth and her very first eggs. She wanted everyone in the barnyard to admire them. She stops by to visit Debbie duck but she is busy teaching her little ducklings to swim. Penny was busy with her little piglets, Daisy was busy with her puppies and so were the rest of all the animals. Dora is sad because all of the barnyard animals babies were much nicer than her eggs. Will Dora feel better about her eggs once they hatch? You will have to read the story to see.

Little readers will love seeing all of the different animals at play with their mommies. Colorful pictures show how animals play in their specific environments. Simple sentence structure encourages first time readers to learn quickly and retain what they are reading.

Included in this wonderful package is a fun storybook game of bingo. After little ones read the story its time for parents to get them engaged. Little readers will develop social skills, improve hand-eye coordination, and develop object matching skills. The thick board like pieces are easy to pick up and maneuver in little hands. This is another great way to get kids reading and participating.

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