100 Things To Know Before You Grow Up

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Title: 100 Things To Know
Publisher: National Geographic  


Would you like to learn how to read a map? What about how to take care of your teeth? Have your truly thought about how to be grateful? Do you know how to conduct an experiment or write a thank you card? National Geographic Kids has all of these answers and more. As a matter of fact, there are 100 various things kids can learn.

Scientists have discovered over 10,000 planets. Young readers will get tips on how to identify Venus, Mars and Jupiter, the brightest object in the sky. If you’re forgetful with names this guide offers 4 great tips to help you remember. If your goal is to plan a party a list is here to help you get started. If you’ve got a mechanical brain and like to build things, this guide provides tips on how to use a hammer, wrench and screwdriver.

This guide not only helps to solve problems or answer questions, it also has weird but true snippets scattered throughout. For example: It’s estimated that people around the world use enough toilet paper each day to equal 27,000 trees. The back of the book has a checklist so readers can keep track of what they’ve learned. There are plenty of color photos so readers can see and observe real people doing experiments, they can see food items, telescopes, animals and more. Kids will learn how they can be at their very best.

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