I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

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I Survived The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937
Lauren Tarshis
BIBLIO: 2016, Scholastic, Ages 7 to 12, $4.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN:  9780545658508

In the 1930’s the Hindenburg, an airship powered by hydrogen, was a popular mode of transportation. Hugo and his family were going to ride on it all the way to America from Germany. Hugo learned everything he could about the Hindenburg. German airships were also known to be very safe. The little car that hung underneath was called the control car. The control car is what steers the ship.

Hugo’s parents were scientist and they moved a lot. They’ve lived in Kenyan and New York. This trip on the Hindenburg would be a family adventure. Hugo’s sister Gertie was sick with Malaria which is why they had to come to Germany to see a special doctor. Now they are headed back to New York to see another doctor to save Gertie. Another potential problem is with Hitler’s spies lurking and everyone being looked at closely on the airship. Is there more at risk than what Hugo thinks?

Author Lauren Tarshis has created a great mystery adventure surrounding true events. Young readers, especially boys, will be intrigued as the main character tells his story. Teachers will love this quick read in a classroom for discussion.

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