National Geographic Kids Real or Fake?

Can you tell what's true or false?

Title: Real or Fake
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426324055


Tiny mites are crawling all over your parents faces. Is this real or fake? A study proved it to be true. Theses mini mites don’t crawl on kid faces at all. But, there is more! Micro-chameleons, roaches, louse and pinworms are also critters that like to live on humans. You might be wondering if you could mail a coconut without putting it in a package. Do you know if ancient romans used urine as mouthwash? Are tiger cubs born furless and without stripes? The answers are found throughout the pages. Young readers can read up on the disgusting and the curious in this book of far out fibs, fishy facts and phony photos.

Amazing photos and facts can be found within these pages for young readers to soak in. But, there are also zany photos representing the absurd untruths as well. Kids will enjoy testing their knowledge about animals, insects and the world around them. Parents and teachers will have fun with this guide and discover for themselves what is real or fake. Parents and teachers will approve.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity