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Title: On Bird Hill
Author: Jane Yolen
Illustrations:  Bob Marstall
Publisher:  The Cornell Lab Publishing Group
ISBN:  9781943645022


On Bird Hill is a nursery rhyme from an older rhyme called The Green Grass Grew All Around. This beautiful sing song story has been brought to life by award winning author Jane Yolen and illustrator Bob Marstall.

This rhythmic tale shows a young boy taking his dog on a walk. Along the way he sees trees, limbs, a bird and a nest. He witnesses the baby bird making his way into the world. Once out, the baby bird experiences everything the little boys sees.

Young readers will enjoy this simple easy to read adventure. Lively and colorful illustrations provide a feeling of warmth. Parents can share this story with a baby or toddler anytime day or night. Beginner readers will be happy to read out loud to any family member or friend.