The Cricket and the Ant: A Shabbat Story

What do you do when or don't have everything you need to make a cake for Shabbat or even worse your Shabbat cake burns in the oven?

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Title: The Cricket and the Ant
Author:  Naomi Ben-Gur
Illustrations: Shahar Kober
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9781467794152


Cricket loved to chirp in the town square on Sunday. Monday it was the park. Tuesday he was in the street and Wednesday leaped and danced along the sea. Each day of the week Cricket was busy. Friday he planned to bake a special cake to celebrate Shabbat, the only problem was he didn’t have any of the ingredients. Cricket visits his neighbor Ant, several times. She provides him with everything he needs to make his cake with each visit. Unfortunately for Ant, her delicious cake burned in the oven. Do you think Cricket will share his Shabbat cake with Ant?

Author Naomi Ben-Gur and illustrator Shahar Kober have created a lovely rhyming tale of celebration and new found friendship. Colorful orange and red hues bring warmth to the story. Quick snappy sentences make this a great first time read for any beginner. Parents and teachers will embrace sharing of Shabbat and its focus on Jewish culture.