National Geographic Kids Master-Mind

Do you think you are a genius? If so, you’ll surely be tested here. Master Mind has over 100 games, test, and puzzles so kids can learn, test their genius and have a ton of fun.

Title:  Master Mind
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426321108


According to IMA Genius, the hilarious scientist that pops up throughout the pages, the most common type of color blindness is red-green color blindness. There is a cool test where kids can check to see if they have an issue. There are also pictures displayed that shows kids what their dogs see. Young readers will also learn plenty about how humans, animals and insects here. Mapping neuron, parietal cortex and the hippocampus will engage kids as they learn about the brain.

Some of the puzzles will have readers flipping images, finding their way through mazes and shape shifting. Kids can also learn about rainbows, short term memory, time trials and word camouflage. This guide is geared towards kids but parents will love testing their skills too. Once kids have finished reading and learning their brains will have grown exponentially.

There isn’t a person on the planet that wouldn’t be entertained and educated all at the same time by this guide. Chapters contain segments on vision, the five senses, spatial reasoning, memory and more. Puzzles and games help readers learn how the brain works and how much of an amazing muscle it is. Answers can be found in the back and color coordinated pages divide the sections. Cool photos and zany cartoons are found throughout as well.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity