National Geographic Presents: Tales from the Arabian Nights

Revisit Tales from the Arabian Nights in all its glory! 

The artful illustrations alone will make these tales of folklore feel as though you've just been transported back in time. Author Donna Jo Napoli and illustrator Christina Balit together with National Geographic have put together a fasintating bound treasure of gold.

Title:  Tales From The Arabian Nights
Author: Donna Jo Napoli
Illustrator: Christina Balit
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426325403


Your bedtime stories have returned and are just as exciting now as ever. The beautifully illustrated artwork with its whimsical patterns with reds, yellows, purples and gold enhance these stories showing off the people and cultures from long ago. Let your imagination soar and make these tales a favorite to be cherished.

Tales From The Arabian Nights consists of 25 stories that can be read by the eldest of readers to the youngest. These tales are a part of folklore from North Africa to South Asia and include cultures from Mesopotamia, Persian, Indian and later medieval Muslim cultures of Egypt and Syria. Readers will find genies, explorer, inventors and stories within stories.

With each story there is a clever book mark that shares a bit of history regarding the peoples and their cultures. These adventures are told by a woman who is at death’s door and to prolong her life she creates tales to by herself more time. A favorite is the tale of Sindbad the Sailor. All seven wonderful adventures are shared. Here is a sample of the stories introduction:

“Scheherazade had been telling tales of different kinds for months-about poets, servants, simpletons and kings. She had told about tricks between husbands and wives, and thieves and merchants. Some were funny or silly, some were mysterious or magical. But none were about men in terrible situations who needed rescue. Such stories somehow wouldn’t come into her mind. So she peppered the months with stories about animals: wolves, foxes, crows, serpents, mules, parrots. Sha Rayar listened. But he mentioned how the animals were rather ordinary. That made Scheherazade chew on her bottom lip in worry.”

The tales in this book are a must read. Every reader and listener will be engaged and delighted. The back of the book is host to bibliographies, a postscript, maps, a literary license and the origins of the tales and sources.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity