Periwinkle's Journey

Teach kids about their individuality and how wonderful they are.

Title:  Periwinkles’s Journey
Author: Judy Petersen-Fleming and Suzy Spafford
Publisher: Blue Sneaker Press
ISBN:  9781943198030


“There are over 17 types of penguins. They live in a variety of habitats from Australia to Antarctica to the Galapagos.”

Periwinkle is a blue penguin from Australia. Where she lives all of the penguins are blue like her. When she gets invited to a cousin penguin’s birthday party in Antarctica is where her adventure towards recognizing her individuality begins. Along the way she makes friends with Rocky the Rockhopper from New Zealand, humpback whales, Galapagos Gus and his cousins who were all black and white penguins of varying types. Because she isn’t black and white she feels different from the others. With the help of all the other penguins will she ever be proud to just be herself?

This delightful tale teaches children about being different or unique. Although this story represents different types of penguins they are still just penguins. And each penguin has its own personality and journey. Parents and teachers can discuss with children their differences and how they are special. Children need to understand that being different is a good thing and they can still follow their own journey and make a few friends along the way. While reading the story children will learn facts and see maps about these different penguins. The back of the book has drawings of penguins and more facts about them.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity