Yaakov and the Treasures of Timna Valley

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Title: Yaakov and The Treasures of Timna Valley
Author:  Nathaniel Wyckoff
Illustrations:  Jeanine Henning
Publisher:  Nathianel Wyckoff
ISBN:  9781518717796


Yaakov Peretz and his family are on a continuing adventure. They’ve found themselves back in the middle of a pirate hunt for treasure that they thought had been all wrapped up, but it’s not. It all started with a bully named Plavarto and a mysterious man’s voice coming out of his walkie talkie. Plavarto must deliver a package to the Airshow event and that’s where the Peretz’s family adventure begins. There’s been a kidnapping and the Peretz’s are smack dab in the middle of it, especially when the mystery man knew all about their weekend plans and forced them to be victims of a kidnapping too. Once again, the Peretz’s are up against Rahulla Allijabulla and his Jewish ancient treasure seeking crew. Will the Peretz family be able to save the kidnapped victim and themselves or will they fail and the Jewish treasures lost forever?

This fast paced middle grade read is perfect for boys seeking an adventure. Author Nathaniel Wycoff has family in mind as he creates stories that are perfect for a read-a-aloud in a school or family reading hour. The characters are engaging and the treasure hunt and clues are exciting. This is a great way to open up a discussion about Jewish culture, history and artifacts. If you have a boy who won’t pick up a book, this is your ticket to getting him reading and loving it.