A Teeny Tiny Halloween

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Title: A Teeny Tiny Halloween
Author:  Lauren L. Wohl
Illustrations:  Henry Cole
Publisher:  Persnickety Press
ISBN:  9781943978021


In the big forest during the season when the leaves fall from the trees is a teeny tiny house where a teeny tiny woman lives. There were so many leaves falling that soon they covered the teeny tiny house with the teeny tiny woman inside. Her home was a little dark and seemed a little spooky. Who would know she was there? She tried calling for help but her teeny tiny voice just couldn’t be heard. She tried tapping spoons on the window and clanking cookies sheets and pans with lids together, but that didn’t seem to work either. She decided to bake chocolate chip cookies. Outside a witch, cat and a ghost in the forest caught a whiff of something delicious but all they could see was a giant pile of leaves. They began to dig and dig and soon discovered a teeny tiny house. What do you think happened next?

Author Laruen L. Wohl has created a delightful story with just enough scare to entice young readers but not scare them away. Illustrations by Henry Cole invite readers to flip through the pages filled characters and scenery wrapped in warm colors of red, orange and brown. Parents, teachers and caregivers will love this tale for a cool fall read. Simple sentences with a teeny tiny tongue twister make for a fun read for beginners.