NG Kids Presents: Everything Sports

Sport are apart of our world and if you have questions about how to play a certain sport or even how it came to be National Geographic Kids has everything sports and colorful photos too!

Title:  Everything Sports
Publisher:   National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426323331


Do you truly understand sports or what it means to be an athlete? How about what it means to compete? This guide has answers and real life examples for these questions. Readers have an opportunity to learn so much more about sports than they’ve ever imagined.

Sports after relaxation and entertainment the word sport is a root coming from an old French word Desport. These pages have various terms and descriptions for basketball, baseball and more. There are photos of who’s the best at their sport and what types of trophies and recognition athletes receive from being the best. Readers will also learn which sports are played all over the world. If you are eager to learn and become a sporty or if you are a sporty and you want to test your knowledge this guide will help you become the sports enthusiast you’ve always wanted to be.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity