Animal Planet's Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals

Animal Planet has gathered up some of the creepiest and coolest animals on the planet! Readers of all ages will enjoy fun facts and photos.

Title: Animal Planet’s Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals
Author:  Charles Ghigna
Illustrations:  Various
Publisher:  Time Inc. Books
ISBN:  9781618931665


Our world is full of strange, wonderful, creepy and even gross looking creatures. Many of them can be found in this amazing guide. There are 4 categories featuring Strange Animals, Gross Animals, Unusual Animals and Cool Animals. There are tabs that have a Gallery which explores animals from around the world but have adapted to their environments. The Featured Creature section introduces readers to specific animals with detailed descriptions of its life, stat boxes and maps. The Creature Collection shows a comparison and contrast of some selected animals. The Macroview pages share tiny details of very small animals.

Photos and descriptions show the red Vampire Squid, a Tonkin Bug-Eyed frog that looks like a green mossy rock. The Jumping Spider is yellow and its prickly hairs are icky. The Hoatzin bird has a long neck, small head and smells like cow manure. The Blue-Ringed octopus is small enough to fit in your hand but 1 milligram of its venom can kill. Animal lovers of all kinds will definitely find a favorite bird, animal, insect or fish on these pages. The amazing photography puts these critters in the spotlight. Short bursts of information share fun facts making this a quick read.

Courtesy of Blue Slip Media