Brave Like Me

Take a look at kids and their families when a loved one goes to war.

Title:  Brave Like Me
Publisher:  Barbara Kerley
ISBN: 9781426323607


Kids have learned what it means to be brave when they are very young. When families are split because mom or dad are in the military each moment spent with them is very important. Kids are wondering if their parent will be alright and who will take care of them when the parent is away. Kids will go through all of the emotions. Kids will learn to be brave.

The National Geographic photos say it all in this expressive book about families. Parents and children both learn to be brave. Worrying about a loved one when they’re away can be emotionally challenging for anyone whether you are in the military or not. The back pages show where families live, tips on how to be brave and how to deal with separation.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity