National Geographic Kids How Things Work

Now is your chance to discover how your everyday household items work or even solve the mystery of robotics. This guide is for everyone in the family.

Title:  National Geographic Kids How Things Work
Author: T.J. Resler
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426325557

How do things work? If you’re curious about an iPod, flying machines, an oven or even roller coasters to name a few, this guide is for you. Cool photos, fun facts and lots of questions with all the answers can be found throughout these pages.

Myth: Alligators can swim through toilet pipes and bite you in the butt.
Fact: No, they don’t because they live in wetlands, marshes and ponds in the southern United States.

How do erasers work? Pencils are made with graphite. An eraser is made from rubber which is stickier than graphite which grabs and lifts the graphite off the paper.

The information and the way it’s formatted can be a little overwhelming, but large illustrations that pick apart the topic are easy to follow. The Try This boxes present experiments kids can try themselves. Just the Facts and Inner Workings show how the specific topic works. There are also bios of engineers, inventors and scientists along with real life stories of amazing inventions and unbelievable innovations. Anything and everything that you can imagine is in this guide. Parents and teachers will love sharing this with inquisitive young readers.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity