National Geographic Science Encyclopedia

Learning about science isn't boring at all with the National Goegraphic Science Encyclopedia. This guide is for readers of all ages. Amazing photos and lots of cool fun facts are great for a quick reference or for hours of reading and learning.

Title:  National Geographic Science Encyclopedia
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN: 9781426325427


What is science? Science is the way humans figure out how everything in the world works. Many scientists find ways to make new medicines, discover cures for diseases or invent new materials. Scientists focus their study on the world around us. There is so much to learn a scientist will never run out of things to study. There are two parts to this guide. The Physical Science chapters include Matter, Energy, Electronic Forces and Machines. The other part is Life Science, which covers the universe, Life on Earth, Planet Earth and the Huma Body. There is a glossary and online references to learn more. Stunning photos, fun facts and even a Try This area found throughout the pages invites readers to create their own experiments.

An example of some of the topics found within the guide is a section on electromagnetic waves which are used in wireless communication, solar power and even in x-rays. Readers can learn about planets and how all living things are classified. Water cycles and weather patterns can be found here too. Parents and teachers will find this guide a handy tool for learning and inspiring readers to learn about their world. This guide will have no problem keeping readers of all ages engaged and intrigued.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity