On One Foot

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Title: On One Foot
Author:  Linda Glaser
Illustrations: Nuria Balaguer
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9781467778428

Can you stand on one foot and read a favorite story out loud? Are you able to stand on one foot in your classroom and take on the lesson for the day? Even the most talented person may have difficulty completing any task on just one foot, right?

A young foolish man wanted to learn the Torah. The issue he had is that he wanted to find the best Rabbi there was. His bright idea, to prove that he does could find the best, is to have the Rabbi teach him the entire Torah by standing only on one foot. During his travels to find the perfect Rabbi, he was laughed at and told he was being preposterous. But, one thing he kept hearing was that Rabbi Hillel is the wisest and kindest teacher and that he could probably do it. When the young man finally encountered the wise Rabbi he didn’t laugh at his request or accuse him of being preposterous. He simply just listened and responded. What do you think the Rabbi did?

Author Linda Glaser has created a small tale that truly packs a punch. Combined with hilarious mixed media illustrations by Nuria Balaguer, make the story playful and educational. Parents, teachers and young readers will enjoy learning about the Torah and its teachings and that the impossible may not be as it seems.