A Cybils Awards Nominee!

Title: Up
Author:  Joe Cepeda
Illustrations:  Joe Cepeda
Publisher:  Holiday House
ISBN:  9780823436552


A young boy and his big brother are awakened by a brisk breeze as it entered their room. The youngest held up his pinwheel and watched it spin faster and faster. He was then whisked away up, up into the sky. He saw various animals from the farm join him up in the sky too. It wasn’t long before the breeze took him home. He handed the pinwheel to his older brother. What do you think would happen next?

Author Joe Cepeda has created a delightful story that allows the readers imagination to soar. Colorful illustrations that are swirly and truly present the wind, bringing the story to life. The sentences are simple word bursts making this a great beginner book for young readers.