National Geographic Kids Dining With Dinosaurs

Do you really know the food chain of the dinosaur? If you have any questions this guide is sure to answer all of your mesozoic munching questions.

Title:  Dining with Dinosaurs
Author: Hannah Bonner
Publisher: National Graphic Kids
ISBN:  9781426323393


Are you curious about the food chain of dinosaurs? With this new guide from National Geographic Kids and written by Hannah Bonner all of your questions will be answered and your curiosity squashed.

In the world of the mighty dino there are carnivores (meat eaters), insectivores (insect eaters), herbivores (plant eaters), piscivores (fish eaters) sunivores (sunlight, air, water and soil nutrient eaters), and finally trashivores who ate natures waste and recycled it. Readers will learn about all of the dinosaurs in their varying sizes and eating habits. Cool cartoons feature Ask A Scientist that provide insight as to what paleontologist know about the dinos. For example, whether or not they traveled in packs, what they ate and their digestive systems.

If you are not sure how to pronounce the names of these dinos there is a glossary in the back of the book. Illustrations provide details and help readers see these amazing creatures in action. Other tidbits and facts can be found throughout the pages highlighted in yellow for quick reference. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn everything about the dinosaur and how they lived.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity