The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men

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Join the Christmas Horse and his animal friends as they help the Three Wise Men.

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Title:  The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men
Author: Isabelle Brent
Illustrations: Isabelle Brent
Publisher:  Wisdom Tales Press
ISBN:   9781937786618


As the three Wiseman plan their journey towards the bright star to meet the newborn king they are met with many challenges. Their loyal animals will carry them through fierce winds, large rocks that block paths, rushing rivers and hot desert sand. As they make their way the animals see to it that they help each other along the way.

Author and illustrator Isabelle Trent tells this well-known story through the eyes of the animals. This isn’t just a story based on Christian religion but on friendships and obstacles. The colorfully detailed images highlight the story and its message.