The Way the Cookie Crumbled

A Cybils Awards Nominee!

Title: The Way the Cookie Crumbled
Author:  Jody Jensen Shaffer
Illustrations:  Kelly Kennedy
Publisher:  Simon Spotlight
ISBN:  9781484487082


Kids love cookies. Learning about the history of the cookie is very interesting and engaging. Cookies had a rough start about ten thousand years ago, grain mixed with water were baked on sun warmed rocks. In the 600s of Persia, eggs, butter, cream, fruit, honey and sugar were added to the same flat tasting paste. Clay ovens with wood fires baked these little cakes. Overtime, many countries and cultures added their own twists of flavor like cinnamon, anise, coconut and molasses to name a few.

Recipes were created and shared. Machines were designed and the packaged cookie was born. History shows the cookie was used as a way to celebrate a special occasion, like the change of the seasons. In the Netherlands, St. Nicholas was given carrots for his horses. Later Santa Claus was left cookies as a sign of hope for better times ahead. Young readers will enjoy learning about the history of the cookie. Parents and teachers will appreciate kids wanting to read a nonfiction book that has a subject they can sink their teeth into.