Bridget Wilder Spy-In-Training

Bridget Wilder has some serious girl power! This book is full of some serious spy action.

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Bridget Wilder Spy-In-Training
Jonathan Bernstein
BIBLIO: 2015, Harper Collins, Ages 8 to 12, $6.99.
FORMAT: Middle Grade
ISBN:  9780062382672

Bridget Wilder is a seemingly average sibling, the one in the middle, and a middle grade student, invisible, with one friend, who is not so nice. Her 13th birthday has arrived and no one in her family seemed to remember. Her brother Ryan is a mess and her sister Natalie is treated like a little angel. Bridget was 10 years old when she was told of her adoption. She often wondered what her real parents were like. After school she didn’t expect any big surprises for her birthday. Instead, she found a posh shopping bag that contained a phone, a card from Image Unlimited, lip balm, green yucky tic tacs, a thick pair of black framed glasses, a flash drive and a set of keys. No one at home owned up to the mysterious bag.

Bridget’s adventure begins when she finds the shop and meets Xan who gives her a black and gold track suit which provides her with special abilities. She gets a call from Brian Spool who informs her that he works with her father at Section 23, as Agent Strike. Her real mother, on the other hand, is untraceable. Spool gives her insight regarding the bags contents. Later she gets her first pre-mission to find a piece of incriminating information that a traitor or someone who looks like a traitor to his country, is on the prowl and an innocent person could be framed. Will she find the traitor, save an innocent and pass the test to be a secret agent like her father?

Author Jonathan Bernstein has created an exciting mystery novel with girl power. Young girls will love the main character and enjoy reading along as she learns more about herself. This book trails along a typical self-discovery story but with lots of humor and general fun. Teachers can use this as a great read-a-loud for discussion on home life and adoption. Parents will love buying this because it’s a good clean read.