Kar-Ben Publishing Celebrates Holocaust Rememberance Day!

Kar-Ben Publishing, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, creates award-winning children's titles on a wide variety of Jewish subjects, including holidays, folktales, contemporary stories, and picture books, reflecting the rich diversity of today's Jewish community.


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a time for commemoration and education. It is important to introduce children gently to the importance and significance of the Holocaust. Picture books that tell about events and real people with thoughtful stories help make difficult concepts more accessible. Many of our books have companion reading guides, which have questions for contemplation and ideas for deeper learning

Browse Kar-Ben's award-winning titles. From a world-famous mime who honed his performance skills as a member of the French Resistance to Kristallnacht told from the vantage point of a neighborhood cat to the exploration of secret caves in the Ukraine, our books offer children an accessible and compelling doorway to history.