See Inside The Dinosaur

This exciting new kit has dinosaur bones!

Title:  See Inside The Dinosaur
Author: Michael Bright
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
ISBN:  9781626865662


Kids will have fun learning about dinosaurs and how they functioned. The book will share how some dinosaurs had feathers, and some had skin that would help disguise them. A bone called the “medullary bone” gave researchers insight on how to tell if a dinosaur was male or female. Researchers also discovered that that some female dinosaurs laid eggs just like birds and crocodiles. It is believed that the dinosaurs came to an end due to an asteroid and volcanic eruptions.

This educational kit contains a 33-piece Triceratops model, a 7-piece cardstock T. Rex model and a colorfully illustrated book that shares information about fossils, bones, dinosaur’s organs and how they lived and cared for their young. With this kit readers, can become dinosaur experts by reading the book and examining these interactive dinosaur bones sets. Parents and teachers can use this tool to create a dinosaur dig just for kids.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity

This kit will be donated to Avenue of Life.