Our Country's Presidents

In celebration of President's Day KBN is sharing a very cool National Geographic guide to the presidents of the United States.

This book will be donated to Avenue of Life.

Title:  National Geographic Our Country’s Presidents
Author: Ann Bausum
Publisher: National Geographic
ISBN:  9781426326851


One by one readers will be introduced to the many presidents that have had a chance to make our country what it is today. It all started when a group of men held a meeting and voted in George Washington, the very first president of the United States.

This guide shares timelines of the presidents in chronological order. Each profile is key to the history of each president including their family background, childhood, education, their careers before the presidency and election highlights. There are reproductions of portraits and photos. Fact boxes are on each page and provide quick reference and insight for nicknames, important dates and landmarks. There are a few dozen page spreads to help with the understanding of U.S. history and the operation of the federal government and also the working of the Electoral College. Reference aids provide summaries of the U.S. election history and information on other resources to help further educate readers about our countries presidents and the election processes.

Parents and teachers will value this guide as a tool for education and general learning. Readers who are intrigued about history and politics will be engaged with the photos and even learning about the children who have spent time in the White House.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity