Rice & Rocks

Everyone has family traditions. But does everybody have family traditions they want to share with their friends.

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Title: Rice & Rocks
Author:  Sandra L. Richards
Illustrations:  Megan Kayleigh Sullivan
Publisher:  Wise Ink Creative Publishing
ISBN:  9781940014739


How do you share family traditions with your friends? Giovanni has invited his friends over for Sunday dinner. When his favorite auntie arrived, she expressed her joy in the fact that Grandma would be preparing Jamaican stewed chicken with rice and beans. Unfortunately for Giovanni, rice and beans equals rice and rocks. He generally picked out the rocks at dinner time and wondered would his friends even like them or understand this particular family tradition. His auntie explained how far back the tradition went and asked about his friends whose families happened to be from Puerto Rico, New Orleans and Japan. With the help of Jasper, his magical parrot, they embarked on an adventure to learn more about traditions and other cultures that embraced rice and rocks. Will Giovanni learn that his friends eat rice and rocks as a traditional food like him?

Author Sandra L. Richards has created a fun story about family, friendship and traditions. Young readers will be amazed at how so many cultures can share the same foods. Beginner readers will find this story easy to read. Cheerful illustrations by Megan Kayleigh Sullivan are bold and readers will feel as though they are on a journey too. Parents and teachers can use this as a guide to share and discuss family traditions.