We all know that most animals have serious bite, but this guide teaches so much more.

Title: Chomp
Author: Brady Barr
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
ISBN:  9781426328398


An animals bite force is the amount of pressure an animal applies when it bites down. Biting isn’t just for eating but is often used for defense, courtship, maintaining territory and for challenging rivals. In this guide readers will find who the Grippers, Slicers, Crushers and Gulpers are in the animal kingdom.

Lions are grippers and bite their struggling prey hard to bring them down. Tasmanian devils, the grey wolf and tiger sharks are also grippers, along with the spotted hyena. Slicers are animals that have teeth like knives. Snapping turtles, the great white shark, piranha, komodo dragons and even squid, who when they hunt their beak shreds fish and their rough tongues are covered in sharp teeth almost puree their prey. Crushers, like the grizzly bear, grind and pulverize their prey. The African elephant has upper incisors or tusks that are enormous teeth that grow at a rate of 7 inches per year. Reindeer, Gila monsters, humans and macaws fit into this category. Guplers are animals that suck in their food and swallow it whole. The American bull frog, nurse shark and the python fit into this category.

Author and Extreme Animal Explorer Brady Barr has coined his studies and adventures into animals with bite in this guide spot on. Barr shares his stories, adventures, fun facts and photos in this ultimate guide to animals with bite. Parents, teachers and kids will love the excitement of these stories and learning about the force of animals who hunt and protect themselves in their environment. Not only that, readers will understand how an animals body is built to chomp.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity