Olu's Dream by Shane Evans

Olu doesn't want to go to sleep, he is right in the middle of building his maze for the big race. Olu's Dad convinces him to go to sleep so he can be at his best in the morning. Once asleep Olu dreams that he is a superhero with his teddy bear sidekick Brindle. Together they dreams of battling monsters, eating a lot of honey and pizza and riding a big blue whale.

The illustrations are vibrant and colorful. The storyline is great for any kid. Parents will love this too. I recommend this book to children of all ages. Shane Evans lives right here in the Kansas City Metro. He has illustrated many other books such as: My Brother Charlie, When Gorilla Goes Walking and Chocolate Me to name a few.

To learn more about Shane Evans please visit him at http://www.shaneevans.com/. I will be sharing more about Shane Evans later this week. I had the opportunity to meet him at the Blue Valley Library in Olathe, KS. His presentation was phenonminal! If you would like to purchase this book please click on the sidebar My Amazon. As always, happy reading.
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