One Million Men And Me by Kelly Starling Lyons

Title: One Million Men And Me

Author: Kelly Starling Lyons
Illustrator: Peter Ambush
Hardback: 32 pages
Publisher: Just Us Books 2007
ISBN: 978-1-933491-07-3
Ages: 5 and Up

The Million Man march was a historical event for this nation. One Million Men And Me is a wonderful view from a young girls eyes when her Daddy takes her along for this momentous occasion. On this journey Nia recounts her experiences of what she saw.

Snuggled up against her Daddy's chest for the long ride to Washington D.C., Nia is safe and secure. Once there, she is engulfed by the spirituality of all the men, some with their sons, walking together in peace and harmony to hear speakers such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Reverend Jackson and Minister Farrakhan.

Through Nia's eyes you see men walking like kings in a rainbow of colors and from all walks of life. Men who are there to take responsibility and pray. She witnesses the unity and pride and hope. Nia could feel the magic and held her head up high.

“Everywhere I looked, fathers and sons, friends and strangers,

clasped hands in unity. Their faces filled with pride.

Their hearts swelled with hope. I held my head a little higher.”

This beautifully illustrated book is a great educational tool for readers of all ages. This experience is one to be recognized and embraced by children and parents. Educators can use this book as an aid in teaching history and the essence of those who helped create it. The Authors Note in the back of the book gives a clearer description of the event.

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