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Cheer: Confessions of a Wannabe Cheerleader
Zoe Evans

Madison is a cheerleader, or make shift cheerleader, who is apart of the Grizzlies squad. This group was formed so that anyone wanting to become a cheerleader and show their team spirit could participate if they weren't exactly accepted on the actual school cheerleader squad. Madison fills us in on who's hot and whose not around the school. It really doesn't help her current situation that her mom is the Grizzly coach. It's pretty embarrassing when she is called “sweetie” during practice. Madison learns that the Grizzly squad, who never really cheer at real games, are going to the Regional Qualifier, with the Titans. Madison finds juggling a new boyfriend, whom she hasn't had a real date with yet, getting the Spirit Rules book, which will help her squad learn how to cheer and assisting her best friend with an article, can keep a girl really busy. On top of that her mother is dating a fellow teacher. Readers will have fun reading Madison's journal in which she describes in great detail the day-to-day activities of a cheerleader. Quirky pictures give readers a clear view of what's on her mind. Whether your a cheerleader or know of one you will giggle and cheer for Madison and the Grizzlies. Young readers will flip the pages while learning about life in school and will be interested in those they can relate to.