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Logan has a best friend and his name is Bear. They do everything together. The only problem now is Logan's parents are separating and his dad wants to take bear with him to the mountains. Logan pleads with his parents and Bear will go with him and his mother to the city. It's hard enough for Logan to have to deal with his parents splitting, he couldn't make it through without Bear. Meet Hannah. She wants a dog. She would bathe it, feed it, and walk it everyday. Her parents don't think she's ready for such responsibility. Instead, Hannah spends her time helping out at the Rainbow Street Shelter. It's not so bad. The animals really need her. On their way to the big city Logan and his mom stop for lunch. When they finish, Bear is no longer in the car. Panic stricken they search everywhere. Bear is lost. When Hannah's dad arrives home in his old pickup, he has a passenger. A happy black and white dog. This was unexpected and Hannah wants to keep him. Unfortunately the dog ends up at the Rainbow Street Shelter. Will Logan ever get Bear back? Will Hannah ever get a dog of her own? Orr has done a wonderful job of putting together a fun serendipity story for kids. Young readers who love animals will be eagerly turning the pages to see what happens with Bear, Logan and Hannah.