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Soldier Bear
Bibi Dumon Tak

A bear, a very smart bear, wonders away from his sleeping master into a camp. He was spotted in the women's quarters of a Polish signals unit. Discovered by Peter, his master and a new friend Stanislav. The story begins, during World War II. Russia and Poland are in a battle and with Germany invading so many countries, Poland and Russia decided they would join the war against Germany. Peter and Stanislav along with two others were assigned to take a truck load of equipment to Palestine. On the way they decide to pull over to rest. They encounter a hungry young boy caring a sack. Inside they discover a cub bear. In exchange for the bear the boy is given food. The soldiers took the bear in and named him Voytek. In time, Voytek becomes a regular member of the camp. He makes friends with a Dalmatian and they are inseparable. In the heat Voytek is cooled down with the camps water, by taking showers. The war continued on and Voytek grew. He rode in the equipment truck with Peter and Stanislav. He would sneak away to do some exploring whenever he had the chance. He begged for honey and water and learned how to smoke. On the frontlines in Italy Voytek learned to carry artillery shells. Voytek was becoming a soldier of the 2nd Polish Corps. An emblem showed a bear with an artillery shell in his paws. As time passed soldiers were entertained and assisted by Voytek. His relationship grew stronger with Peter and Stanislav. Voytek fought in the Polish army for over five years. He spent the rest of his days in the Edinburgh zoo. Young readers will enjoy this wonderful story of a Syrian brown bear and his soldier family. Teachers will love sharing this story of WWII with students. The back of the book gives an accurate account of the bear and the 120 soldiers who loved him.
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