Celebrate Black Authors All Year Round!

Kristi's Book Nook is celebrating Black History Month. Check out these wonderful authors.

Title: Safari Through The Land of Landu
Author: Angela Karanja
Soft Cover: 24 pages 
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation 
ISBN: 1-88-795-4274
Ages: 5 & up


Nicole weaver was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She came to the United States when she was ten years old. She is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish and English. She is a veteran teacher of French and Spanish. 

Gwendolyn Hooks has written eleven books and several magazine articles for 
children. She writes in a variety of genres including eight fiction easy readers and three nonfiction books and sells articles to magazines such as Highlights for Children and JAKES. In 2011, Stone Arch Books, Red Chair Press, and Bebop Books will publish seven more of her easy readers. Her Mystery of the Missing Dog, Three's A Crowd (Scholastic Book Fair selections) and Can I Have a Pet (Bebop Books) have sold over 230,000 copies. Gwendolyn lives in Oklahoma City. She writes to encourage young readers to explore their world.

Title: I Love & I Am
Author: Nadine Johnson
Illustrator: Nadine Johnson
Hardback: 28 pages 
Publisher: 123 Mango Tree LLC 
ISBN: 978-0-9814874-3-4
ISBN: 978-0-9814874-4-1
Ages: 5 and up

Title: Labyrinth's Door: Anyia “Dream Of A Warrior”
Author: Jacquitta A. McManus
Illustrator:Toujour Byrd
MagBook: 64 pages
Publisher: Worlds To Discover, LLC
ISBN-13: 978-0-9828027-0-0
Ages: 6-12 yrs