Book Review: Howard B. Wigglebottom

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Title: Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything
Author: Howard Binkow
Illustrator: Sue Cornelison
Publisher: Thunderbolt PublishingISBN:978-09826165-6-7


Howard B. Wigglebottom loved to win. He had to be the best at everything. At the fair he won the seed spitting contest, the pie eating contest and the sledge hammer contest. He was best at lots of things. There was a time when Howard came in second. He wasn't very happy. As a matter of fact he got so mad he kicked his second place trophy and hurt his toe. When it was time to play soccer with his team his anger was the worst. He yelled at the coach and other team players. Howard wanted to win so bad he hogged the ball and tripped some players. The coach made him sit out of the game. It wasn't until Howard saw a parent yelling and throwing a tantrum that he realized how bad he must have looked. He was embarrassed and ashamed. Howard asked the coach if he could play. He promised he wouldn't let the team down, and he didn't.

This is a wonderful book for kids. The soft illustrations are vibrant and fun. Howard teaches kids how to have fun, respect others and play fair. Teaching a small child sportsmanship is a tough thing to do. Winning can be a lot of fun but losing will teach a lesson too. Teaching kids to do their best no matter what is it's own reward.

At the back of the book parents and teachers will find helpful tips and lesson plans to educate young readers. The We Do Listen Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates entertaining, education books and songs to help young children be better listeners, learn important life lessons and feel better about themselves. The website offers free animated versions of the books, games and songs as well as teaching and parenting resources. To find out more, visit

What a book can do for a child!