Book Review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Mary Jane Begin's elegant prose and lavish, Renaissance-infused illustrations capture with fresh energy and sensitivity all of the eerie and fantastic drama of this classic story.

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Title: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Author: Mary Jane Begin
Illustrator: Mary Jane Begin
Publisher: Little, Brown & CompanyISBN: 9780316014106


A very long time ago there was a sorcerer who speak to clouds, ask the trees to dance and charm the wildest of animals. He could keep evil spirits away and heal the sick. He was a good sorcerer. When a young girl and her mother traveled a very long distance to seek out his help, the sorcerer entertained them with food and music.
The sorcerer asked the young girl how he could help her. The young girl asked the sorcerer if she could learn magic. And since the sorcerer needed an apprentice he was happy to oblige and put her to work immediately. She was given chores such as washing the dishes and sweeping the floor.

It wasn't long before the young girl grew tired and wanted to know when she would learn magic. The sorcerer just told her in good time. When he left to run an errand the young girl tried some magic of her own. When she commands a broom to bring in water from the well and fill the cauldron, the magic gets a little out of control. The entire cottage begins to fill with water. Will the young girl be able to stop the crazy magic? Will the sorcerer evict her because she didn't listen? You'll have to read this wonderful tale to find out.

This beautifully written story is a well known classic. The extravagant old world illustrations will have young readers and parents picking up this tale to read over and over again.