CookieCoo Dancing Star

New apps are popping up everywhere. I love sharing the latest in technology. I was recently approached by Peter Song who has a wonderful and educational iPhone/iPad app for children called CookieCoo Dancing Star. 

This app provides a fun way for children to learn popular songs such as the Hokey Pokey and other great Children's Songs but also can help children with their motor skills as they will have to learn to match the rhythm on the screen. 
Here is what Peter Song has to say about his wonderful app.

 CookieCoo Dancing Star for educating and edu-taining your children.

How can CookieCoo Dancing Star help my children? This is a question that many parents are asking these days as they try and look for apps for children that they can use to teach their kids. Fun apps for children may just be what they are looking for to keep their young ones busy but iPad apps for kids such as CookieCoo Dancing Star offers more than just entertainment. This edutainment app gets children involved not just in learning how to play the rhythm game but also to memorize the various children's songs included through its sing-along feature.

There are free children apps available but paying for CookieCoo Dancing Star is worth it because this edutainment app is created to teach young kids how to develop their motor skills while having fun at the same time. Children's apps like this can help parents educate their children in a more enjoyable way. With colorful cookie characters singing and dancing to the tune of children's songs and a user interface that can be easily understood by young children is no wonder why this edutainment app is considered to be among the best apps for kids today. From the moment you open the app, your child will be guided with big fonts and colorful visuals which are guaranteed to entice them to try tapping the screen. There are different levels that you can choose from based on the age of your little one and their ability to grasp new concepts. Of course, starting with the easy level is a must because this can help kids understand the concept of the game better.

The CookieCoo Dancing Star is packed with features that allow parents to let their young ones play the rhythm feature or simply watch any of the five cookie characters dance and sing popular children songs such as “Hokey Pokey” and “Mary had a little lamb.” CookieCoo Dancing Star combines entertainment and learning seamlessly. Kids won't even know that they are already learning something new while they play with CookieCoo Dancing Star.

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